Kritteka Gregory (b 1990, Chennai, India) is a film editor, VFX artist and a designer.

Kritteka’s work is inspired by her diverse cultural background. Successfully assimilating her Indian roots and New Zealand upbringing of over 15 years she acquired her Masters in Art & Design at AUT University, New Zealand. The short film produced as part of graduate work was well received by peers and seniors.

Her love to challenge herself has enabled her to expand her repertoire of work to include; web design, app design, motion graphics, visual effects, video editing. She is well known especially for her proficiency in Final Cut Pro, Premiere Pro, Adobe InDesign, Maya Adobe After Effects, Mocha, Nuke, Davinci Resolve ad Fusion.

Upon graduation, she moved to Hollywood and was involved in skilled hands-on learning at prominent post-production houses such as Locktix VFX, Fancy Film Post Production. Her recent move to Canada has also been inspired by the desire to explore, observe and work with different teams.


Kritteka was born in India but grew up in Auckland when her parents immigrated to New Zealand when she was aged 10. Competitive and self-motivated she had a promising career in Badminton, representing New Zealand internationally. When a spate of injuries ended her short but brilliant sporting career, Kritteka decided to channel her passion for sport in to her work. Her zeal is evident in her work and explains why clients love working with her.


Kritteka’s love for traveling can be traced back to age 11 when she started to travel the world for badminton tournaments. Today she plays badminton for leisure, but the seasoned traveler role is one she’s happy to apprise often. Travel, she believes, “brings forth a perspective that is fresh and a work ethic that is strong.”